STATE UPDATE: Tuesday, December 1, COVID case count at 29389, 4416 probable, 26003 recovered

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Tuesday saw an increase of 336 lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases, 164 new probable cases in the state and 1,525 lab-confirmed and probable recoveries around the state.

The state total lab-confirmed cases, according to the Wyoming Department of Health, was at 29,389. Per the WDH, 22,601 active lab-confirmed cases have recovered and 3,402 probable cases have recovered. 230 total deaths were reported.

Washakie County saw an increase of 11 to 380 with an additional 88 probable cases. There are 166 active COVID-19 lab-confirmed cases as of Tuesday.

Park County had 43 new cases reported on Tuesday . They currently have 173 active lab-confirmed cases. Big Horn County had 5 new cases reported Tuesday. They have 54 active lab-confirmed cases. Hot Springs County did not have any new cases reported. They have 58 active cases as of Tuesday.

Cumulative Cases by County

(First number is laboratory-confirmed cases; second is probable cases. Probable cases are close contacts of lab-confirmed cases with COVID-19 symptoms or those with a positive antigen test).

Albany: 2,879 (241)

Big Horn: 458 (55)

Campbell: 2,817 (253)

Carbon: 659 (53)

Converse: 412 (225)

Crook: 286 (22)

Fremont: 2,994 (396)

Goshen: 684 (62)

Hot Springs: 139 (12)

Johnson: 228 (100)

Laramie: 4,508 (782)

Lincoln: 579 (80)

Natrona: 4,173 (906)

Niobrara: 52 (69)

Park: 1,230 (117)

Platte: 223 (114)

Sheridan: 1,707 (319)

Sublette: 335 (112)

Sweetwater: 1,817 (86)

Teton: 1,607 (48)

Uinta: 885 (204)

Washakie: 380 (88)

Weston: 337 (72)


County mask orders have been requested and approved for the following counties: Teton, Laramie, Albany, Natrona, Sweetwater, Sheridan, Park, Lincoln, Goshen, Sublette, Hot Springs, Carbon, Washakie, Uinta, Converse.

Washakie County’s order goes through Dec. 4.

As of Tuesday, there were three COVID-19 patients hospitalized at Washakie Medical Center. According to the WDH there is one COVID patient at Powell Valley Healthcare, 5 at Cody Regional, no COVID patients in Hot Springs and two in Big Horn County with one at each hospital.

The Northern Wyoming News has learned two Worland residents are in ICU in Billings hospitals. One of those is now recovering at home as of Friday.

The governor implemented new orders as of Nov. 24, These orders were modified to restrict gathering sizes both indoors and outdoors. They are in effect through Dec. 15. They can be found at under the COVID-19 tab.

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General Information

Learn more about coronavirus disease 2019 from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

(CDC information includes prevention strategies, case counts, frequently asked questions and answers, travel guidance.)


If you are sick, please contact your healthcare provider. Wyoming residents with general questions about COVID-19 may send an email to [email protected]

Public health nurses can be a helpful source of information. Learn how to contact Wyoming’s public health nursing county offices.

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