STATE UPDATE: Wednesday, November 25, COVID case count at 26,677, 4,084 probable, 20,113 recovered

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13 more deaths linked to COVID, active cases fall by 1,400

By The Wyoming News Exchange

The deaths of 13 more Wyoming residents have been linked to the coronavirus, bringing the number of fatalities blamed on the illness to 215, the Wyoming Health Department said Wednesday.

However, the Health Department also said the number of active coronavirus cases fell by more than 1,400 with the report of 2,217 new recoveries among people with either confirmed or probable cases.

According to the Health Department, the latest victims of the illness were from nine counties. Three Fremont County residents were among the dead. Two residents of Campbell and Laramie counties also died. Converse, Crook, Goshen, Natrona, Platte and Washakie each saw one fatality.

Further details about the deaths will not be released until Monday.

Meanwhile, the number of active cases in the state fell by 1,428 Wednesday with new reports of 2,217 recoveries around the state.

The Health Department said it received reports of 702 new laboratory-confirmed coronavirus cases on Wednesday, along with 100 new probable cases.

The numbers, combined with the recoveries, left the state with 10,433 active cases.

Natrona County had 2,342 active cases; Laramie County had 1,474; Albany had 1,219; Campbell had 1,129; Fremont had 705; Sheridan had 613; Sweetwater had 434; Goshen had 370; Uinta had 360; Park had 246; Lincoln had 210; Washakie had 192; Teton had 158; Johnson had 150; Carbon had 140; Platte had 116; Sublette had 114; Converse had 108; Weston had 83; Big Horn and Hot Springs had 77; Crook had 63 and Niobrara had 53.

Active cases are determined by adding the total confirmed and probable coronavirus cases diagnosed since the illness first surfaced in Wyoming on March 12, subtracting the number of recoveries during the same period among patients with both confirmed and probable cases and taking into account the number of deaths attributed to the illness.

New cases were reported in 22 counties, with Laramie County reporting the highest number at 168. Natrona County reported 114.

The increase in confirmed cases brought the total seen since the disease was first diagnosed in Wyoming in mid-March to 26,677.

The number of probable cases, meanwhile, increased by 100 to total 4,084.

The 2,217 new recoveries brought the number of people to recover since the pandemic began to 20,113.

There will be no report from the Wyoming Department of Health on Thanksgiving.

Cumulative Cases by County

(First number is laboratory-confirmed cases; second is probable cases. Probable cases are close contacts of lab-confirmed cases with COVID-19 symptoms or those with a positive antigen test).

Albany: 2,786 (235)

Big Horn: 423 (49)

Campbell: 2,556 (236)

Carbon: 603 (53)

Converse: 381 (202)

Crook: 273 (21)

Fremont: 2,782 (373)

Goshen: 581 (58)

Hot Springs: 134 (12)

Johnson: 205 (96)

Laramie: 3,941 (708)

Lincoln: 540 (79)

Natrona: 3,857 (816)

Niobrara: 43 (68)

Park: 1,123 (116)

Platte: 201 (106)

Sheridan: 1,527 (294)

Sublette: 319 (93)

Sweetwater: 1,520 (78)

Teton: 1,428 (48)

Uinta: 816 (200)

Washakie: 321 (74)

Weston: 317 (69)


County mask orders have been requested and approved for the following counties: Teton, Laramie, Albany, Natrona, Sweetwater, Sheridan, Park, Lincoln, Goshen, Sublette, Hot Springs, Carbon, Washakie, Uinta, Converse.

Washakie County’s order goes through Dec. 4.

There are three COVID-19 patients hospitalized at Washakie Medical Center.

The Northern Wyoming News has learned two Worland residents are in ICU in Billings hospitals.

The governor implemented new orders as of Nov. 24, These orders were modified to restrict gathering sizes both indoors and outdoors.

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Helpful Links

General Information

Learn more about coronavirus disease 2019 from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

(CDC information includes prevention strategies, case counts, frequently asked questions and answers, travel guidance.)


If you are sick, please contact your healthcare provider. Wyoming residents with general questions about COVID-19 may send an email to [email protected]

Public health nurses can be a helpful source of information. Learn how to contact Wyoming’s public health nursing county offices.

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