STATE UPDATE: Monday, November 23, COVID case count at 25560, 3871 probable, 17452 recovered

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The number of confirmed novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases on Monday increased by a record 1,251 cases to 25,560. The record for cases in a day is 1,251 on November 23.

The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) also reported 3,871 probable cases along with 202 deaths. There were 645 recoveries reported today, 607 from lab-confirmed and 38 probable cases. The combined recovery record for a day is 1,412, 1,212 from lab-confirmed and 200 from probable cases on November 20.

26 deaths were reported today but no further information was provided today by the WDH.

Case changes today were reported as follows: Albany (98), Big Horn (19), Campbell (77), Carbon (34), Converse (18), Crook (3), Fremont (120), Goshen (33), Hot Springs (13), Johnson (11), Laramie (238), Lincoln (17), Natrona (190), Niobrara (9), Park (30), Platte (6), Sheridan (79), Sublette (15), Sweetwater (126), Teton (61), Uinta (44), Washakie (10).

There are currently 10,280 active lab-confirmed cases state wide, including probables there are 11,777 cases.


The WDH lists 17,452 cases recovered.

Number of lab confirmed cases recovered: 15,078

Number of probable cases recovered: 2,374

A case is defined as recovered when there is resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and there is improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g. cough, shortness of breath) for 72 hours AND at least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.


There are now 109 active lab-confirmed cases in Washakie County. The most recent confirmed case in the county was November 23.

The original cluster of 29 cases between May 15 and June 4 saw a majority of the cases at Worland Healthcare and Rehabilitation result in five deaths, and another death from a former resident of the facility with permanent Montana residency. A small amount of the original cases were in the community. The original cluster had all cases recovered on July 6 the day before the newest batch of cases. One death was reported on September 1 for a death that occurred in July. The seventh death was recorded on October 13 was of an elderly female that died in early October.

Washakie County Public Health has informed the Northern Wyoming News that they will no longer be providing county-wide testing numbers in their twice weekly situation report as of Aug. 10.

The Wyoming Department of Health shows 166 recoveries, 153 from lab-confirmed cases and 13 of the probable cases.

Big Horn County has 403 lab-confirmed cases, 44 probable cases. The WDH has 316 lab-confirmed and 38 of the probable cases listed as recovered. The most recent cases were confirmed on November 23. 12 deaths were recorded in Big Horn County. There are 75 active lab-confirmed cases.

Hot Springs County has 127 lab-confirmed cases, 11 probable cases. The most recent case was confirmed on November 23. 53 of the lab confirmed and nine of the probables have been listed as recovered. There are 74 active lab-confirmed cases in the county.

Park County has reported 1,085 lab-confirmed cases, 114 probable cases. The most recent case was confirmed on November 23, with 800 of the lab-confirmed cases and 87 of the probable cases having recovered. Six deaths were reported in Park County. There are 279 active lab-confirmed cases in Park County.

The governor implemented new orders as of Sept. 30, which allows for indoor sports, along with other modified state orders that are in place through Nov. 22. The new orders allow for additional seating in restaurants.

The county is currently still at modified level 2 status.

As of Monday, the WDH reports that there are currently 224 hospitalized patients in the state. None was reported in Big Horn County, one was reported in Hot Springs County, four in Park County and one in Washakie County. As of Nov. 23, 21 out of 226 ventilators were reported in use in the state, it is unknown if their use is related to COVID.

State testing

Total tests completed: 376,440

Tests completed at Wyoming Public Health Laboratory: 138,375

Tests reported by commercial labs: 238,065

(Commercial labs are required to report positive test results to WDH; negative results are not reported consistently.)


Cumulative Cases by County

(First number is laboratory-confirmed cases; second is probable cases. Probable cases are close contacts of lab-confirmed cases with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.)

Albany: 2,728 (230) 1451

Big Horn: 403 (44) 75

Campbell: 2,426 (205) 1246

Carbon: 578 (50) 131

Converse: 376 (192) 83

Crook: 263 (21) 67

Fremont: 2,719 (357) 696

Goshen: 534 (53) 355

Hot Springs: 127 (11) 74

Johnson: 194 (86) 106

Laramie: 3,738 (685) 1467

Lincoln: 521 (79) 229

Natrona: 3,693 (754) 2179

Niobrara: 43 (62) 22

Park: 1,085 (114) 279

Platte: 195 (103) 109

Sheridan: 1,462 (289) 489

Sublette: 287 (96) 68

Sweetwater: 1,473 (75) 452

Teton: 1,385 (48) 159

Uinta: 752 (198) 295

Washakie: 269 (56) 109

Weston: 309 (63) 139

A recovery is defined as occurring when a patient has gone three days without a temperature and has seen improvement in respiratory problems.

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If you are sick, please contact your healthcare provider. Wyoming residents with general questions about COVID-19 may send an email to [email protected]

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