COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Grant/Loan Application

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Laramie Chamber Business Alliance (LCBA) and City of Laramie grant and loan program will be going live next week!

Below is a checklist of the documents that you will need to be prepared to apply for the application, as applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.

  • An email to send in the application and supporting documents
  • Business EIN or SSN and the date your business was established
  • Business ownership information
  • Annual revenue
  • Monthly operating expenses
  • Number of employees
  • Bank account information
  • If you are considered a gig worker, freelancer, or sole proprietor the following documentation will be needed:
  • Be a freelancer who resides in the Laramie. An eligible freelancer must have performed freelance work as their primary source of income for at least one year prior to their application. Eligible freelance businesses include sole proprietors, limited liability companies, gig workers, or other entity provided there is no more than one employee.
  • Provide tangible documentation of freelance income and income loss by providing the following supporting documents:
  • 2019 tax filings or annualized financial statements
  • Two consecutive months of 2020 financial statements
  • Canceled contracts or relevant client communications
  • Financial documents can include: tax returns (including schedule C statements

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