Be a Good Neighbor and Pick Up After Your Pets

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Like the rest of the nation, residents of Laramie are finding ways to combat the challenges placed upon them by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are extremely fortunate to live in an area that affords us a great deal of outdoor opportunities that also help maintain social distancing, including in-town activities like hiking and biking on multi-use paths, cross-country skiing in open spaces, and a great number of parks to play and find a little peace and relaxation. As you get out and enjoy all the mental and physical benefits of our great city with your fur family members, we remind you of the municipal codes that requires the cleanup of pet feces. Not only is this your obligation as a good citizen of our beautiful city, but also as a good neighbor. Please be mindful to carry waste bags with you, or grab one from the dispensers placed throughout the park system, and dispose of the bagged waste in any of the city-owned receptacles—please do not use your neighbors can unless you have their permission. Not only is it unsanitary to leave the feces, but it’s no fun to go for a run or walk and end up with a “mess” on your shoes or have your children play in an area where they “discover” an untended mess.

Laramie Municipal Code:

Title 6:  Animals, 6.06.050, Removal of feces required

Notwithstanding other provisions in this title, it is unlawful for the owner or any other person accompanying a dog to cause or permit the dog to be on public or private property not owned or possessed by such person, unless such person has in his or her immediate possession, a device or implement with which to remove dog feces and a container or implement to use in transporting the feces to a garbage or refuse disposal can. It is unlawful for the owner of a dog or another person accompanying the dog to fail to remove the dog’s feces from public or private  property not owned or possessed by such person to a garbage or refuse disposal can. This subsection does not apply upon undeveloped land.

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