Public Notice – 3rd Street Utility Rehabilitation – Phase 1

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The City of Laramie is scheduled to complete a multi-phase water system rehabilitation project in the 3rd Street corridor, from Palmer Street to Superior Court.  As part of the improvements the City will be installing over 11,000 feet of water main, 27 fire hydrants, 86 valves, and nearly 130 water services.

Because the project is extensive, construction will be in three phases over the next three construction seasons (2020-2022).  Phase I in 2020 will focus on installing isolation valves on 15 streets that cross 3rd Street.  Phase 2 and 3 work will occur largely inside the 3rd Street public right of way.  Because the project generally involves abandoning the old water main and installing the a new one along the western side of the street, there will be unavoidable temporary inconvenience to area businesses and the general public, including disruption to vehicular and pedestrian travel. 

Property Owners who obtain water service from 3rd are notified that this project will be disruptive to normal water service, especially in 2021 and 2022.   While safe temporary water service will be provided by the City, the volume and pressure provided may differ than from what is presently available.   These same Property Owners are notified that in 2020 the City would like to identify and work with owners who need to have large diameter water services for the purpose of fire suppression in addition to domestic use.  Typically, these Property Owners will be business owners who have made or plan to make building modifications.

The City of Laramie and the project consultant (WWC Engineering) will receive questions and comments via email and phone (details listed below).  Plans are available for review on the City’s website (  This opportunity for public comment takes the place of a public meeting as a precaution to the current COVID-19 concerns.  Anyone interested in this project is encouraged to submit public comment.

For questions please contact:

William Winkler, P.E., Laramie Project Manager

WWC Engineering

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