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Tom Brady

Quarterback Tom Brady had a 219-64 record as New England Patriots quarterback. He heads to Tampa Bay bent on turning the Buccaneers into a winner. The panelists in this week’s Five on Five discuss Brady joining the Bucs. 

1. Will Tom Brady regret his decision to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? 

John Letasky: Brady won’t regret having the $50 million in his bank account. But, in terms of wins, losses and remaining relevant, he might. 

Jeff Welsch: Ka-ching. No. And it’s warm there. 

Mike Scherting: I’m thinking he probably should have just rode off into the sunset. But watch him prove me wrong.

Lindsay Rossmiller: I don’t really get what he’s trying to achieve, but, hey, it’s his choice.

Victor Flores: Probably not, considering the reports that he was unhappy with the Patriots. Besides, he has nothing left to prove, and it’s not like Montana on the Chiefs or Jordan on the Wizards tarnished their legacies.

2. Who was more responsible for the Patriots’ success, Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?

John Letasky: Belichick edges Brady here. However, Belichick’s record wasn’t exactly stellar until he coached Brady.  

Jeff Welsch: The Patriots seem like a machine that you could plug in, say, Tim Tebow and still win titles — especially with how they perfected the art of cheating.

Mike Scherting: Not sure I can beat Victor’s answer, except to replace pasta and sauce with chocolate and caramel.

Lindsay Rossmiller: I think we’ll see the answer to that now.

Victor Flores: Belichick, although this is like asking if the pasta or the sauce is more responsible for the tastiness of the dish. Both are good without the other, but their full powers can only be unlocked when they’re together.

3. Should the Tokyo Summer Olympics be canceled or postponed?

John Letasky: It would be magical to see the Olympics this summer. Officials can probably stall for a little while longer. 

Jeff Welsch: I could see Olympics in empty arenas. If any event can thrive without fans, it’s the Olympics. Everybody watches on TV.

Mike Scherting: The Olympics were beset by other viruses — graft and corruption, among them — that should have ended the Games long ago. A health scare won’t put an end to them.

Lindsay Rossmiller: As good of a game that they’re talking about continuing, the skeptic in me thinks this could be one of those exceptions that may result in at least postponing.

Victor Flores: It seems less than optimal to put thousands of people from across the world in large stadiums. Olympians aren’t exactly known for keeping their distance… 

4. Will a mint julep taste the same to Kentucky Derby fans in September?

John Letasky: It might be a different feel, but after the first taste or two, fans will be pumped and happy the Derby is being held. 

Jeff Welsch: September is basketball season in Kentucky. Come to think of it, so is May. Won’t make a difference.

Mike Scherting: They might be better off with straight Kentucky bourbon by that point.

Lindsay Rossmiller: My question is — Will they care what it tastes like?

Victor Flores: It will certainly taste better than the 20th box of thin mints on the 100th day of quarantine. 

5. With social distancing currently encouraged, do you plan on reading any books?

John Letasky: Seems as busy as ever around here, but it would be nice to finish a book I have centering on Bird and Magic. 

Jeff Welsch: Already on it. Also unplugging by watching YouTube videos of whitewater rafting my favorite wilderness rivers: The Rogue, Deschutes and Middle Fork of the Salmon, among others.

Mike Scherting: I am never not reading a book. Currently, I’m reading “World Undone,” a one-volume book about World War I. Seems apropos, considering what hit the world after the war.

Lindsay Rossmiller: Already started a new one when the electricity went out for a bit this week. Good thing I have a few laying around I hadn’t gotten to yet during basketball season.

Victor Flores: I will happily read or re-read every book on my shelf except for “Station Eleven.”

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