Hunting regulations available online

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New regulations

The 2020 deer, elk, antelope, black bear, and moose, sheep, and goat hunting regulations are available online.

The regulations were finalized by the Fish & Wildlife Commission on Feb. 13. Printed copies will be available at all license providers and FWP offices in a couple of weeks.

A few things to look for in this year’s regulations:

• Elk shoulder seasons have changed, depending on the hunting district. While they’re still in place in many hunting districts around the state, the Commission looked to apply them more specifically depending on hunting district and region. If you’re interested in participating in shoulder seasons this year, pay close attention to the hunting district specific regulations and license requirements. Some may require a special application.

• CWD information in this year’s regulations is more general than in years past but includes very good information for hunters. This is due to the reality that as FWP continues to sample deer, elk and moose across the state, the specifics about its presence continue to change. More information will be available later this summer prior to the hunting season. The most current information can always be found online at

During the past two years, FWP has worked to simplify the hunting regulations. These changes should make the regulations easier to read and understand. Additionally, information will be simpler to find with a table of contents.

To see this year’s regulations, go online to and click on “hunting” and then on “regulations.”

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