Brian Beauvais is a member of the Park County Historic Preservation Commission.

Brian Beauvais will talk about “Sportsmen, market-hunters, and game-hogs: The early years of wildlife conservation in Park County” on Thursday, March 5.

The free program begins at 12:15 p.m. in the Buffalo Bill Center of the West’s Coe Auditorium in Cody, Wyoming.

Beauvais, curator of the Park County archives, will discuss the historical development of early wildlife conservation in the county.

“Following the removal of the buffalo, and heavy market hunting in the late 19th century, the surviving game populations in northwest Wyoming were at an all-time low,” he said in a press release. “After witnessing the decline firsthand, many early settlers realized the necessity of protecting the diminishing herds before it was too late.”

The presentation then explores what followed — a combination of efforts by local citizens and officials from the fledgling Wyoming Game & Fish Department to save the remaining wildlife from complete annihilation.

Beauvais has a master’s degree in history and is currently working toward a Master of Library Science degree. He is a member of the Park County Historic Preservation Commission. 

For more information on the March 5 talk, visit centerofthewest.org/event/lunchtime-expedition-history-conservation.