Bull elk tangled in Wyoming tree safely freed

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A young bull elk that had tangled its antlers in a rope supporting a tree in northwestern Wyoming was recently freed by a warden.

South Jackson game warden Kyle Lash received a call from a landowner west of Jackson stuck in a rope the landowner was using to support two trees on their property.

Fortunately, the situation didn’t require tranquilizing the bull elk as Lash was able to safely get close enough to cut the rope, freeing the elk. While the elk had thrashed some of the tree’s branches with its antlers, it had not injured itself in the process and was able to run free once it realized it was no longer tied to the tree.

While the situation ended well, it serves as a reminder that wild animals can be tangled in unsuspected ways. Other tips to protect wildlife in winter include keeping pets under control to driving a little slower on roadways. 

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